The Genomic Resource To Enhance Available Therapies Study

Is a precision medicine initiative designed to use existing medical records, genetic testing of biologic samples and other resources to better understand and manage complex diseases.
The Genomic Resource to Enhance Available Therapies study has 2 components. The primary effort in UPMC is designed to integrate genetic information into clinical practice. Thus, the entire process occurs within the UPMC environment under CLIA and HIPPA guidance so that key genetic information can be returned to the physician.  The second part requires consent of the patient to have their records and samples studied by University investigators to help understand new discoveries and disease mechanism.
Thus, a small subset of the overall UPMC data will be transferred to the University of Pittsburgh for specific studies – and the results will be returned to the UPMC Physicians to help them use the information to better care for their patients. In all, this is a “precision medicine” initiative that will focus on complex disorders such as pancreatitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Fatty Liver Disease, and many others.

Why are you being asked to participate in this study and what are you consenting to?

You are being asked to participate in this study because you have a history of a complex disease and are being cared for at a UPMC facility. With your permission, we will use leftover blood or tissue that is collected during your visits at UPMC. You may also be contacted for follow-up information, such as to fill out a questionnaire. read more »

How will physicians and researchers obtain and use biological samples from me?

Physicians often order blood, urine or other biological sample test to determine if the body has a disease or is responding to treatment. This study will connect detailed information with each sample. However, your name and personal identifying information will be removed if researchers outside of your medical team are evaluating it. read more »