Scientific Leadership Teams

Principal Investigator:

David C Whitcomb MD PhD

investigator_whitcombDavid C Whitcomb MD PhD. Professor Whitcomb is a physician-scientists and focused on complex disorders and personalized (precision) medicine (PMID 21952059; 22614753; 26561988). He designed and initiated the GREAT Study and has successfully implemented it in within the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition within the Department of Medicine where he serves as Division Chief. Professor Whitcomb also serves as a member of the Chief Medical and Scientific Officer (CMSO) committee to advise and support precision medicine implementation at UPMC. Professor Whitcomb is responsible for the overall coordination of the GREAT Study within the University of Pittsburgh and precision medicine for complex disorders within UPMC. He has the administrative responsibility of assuring that the project operates within the framework of University, Medical Center, Institutional Review Board and governing authority rules, policies and guidelines. With his staff he also organizes and maintains communication between co-investigators, patients and administrators, and works to support the many Departments, Centers, Institutes, Service Lines and educational program at the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC.


Scientific Advisory Board

Genetics: Dietrich Stephan PhD
Epidemiology: Stephen Wisniewski PhD
Immunology: Mark Shlomchik MD
Systems Biology: Ivet Bahar PhD
Pain Biology: Michael Gold PhD / Ajay Wasan MD PhD
Epithelial Biology: Thomas Kleymen MD
Psychiatry: David A. Lewis, MD
Obesity: John Jakicic PhD / Daniel Weeks PhD
Metabolic / DM: TBA
Oncology: TBA
Drug Discovery: Lans Taylor MD
Pharmacogenetics: Philip Empey PharmD PhD
Personalized Medicine: Jeremy Berg PhD


UPMC Precision Medicine Initiative for Complex Disorders


  • Philip Empey PharmD PhD
  • David C Whitcomb MD PhD